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Welcome to The Witty Observer. Candid! Satirical! African!

I’m Tiger Rifkin, the founder behind this creative endeavor to deliver witty perspectives on life through the lens of satire. As your guide on this journey of ironic mockery, expect thought-provoking stories that blend humor and intellect to uncover profound truths.

At The Witty Observer, where complex issues are demystified with a hint of sarcasm, we poke fun at the world in a way that sheds light, sparks smiles, and brings our community of readers together.

We don’t shy away from pushing boundaries if it inspires conversation around the issues that matter. Our focus is on sharing unconventional takes on anything in the cultural zeitgeist that deserves a bit of satirical comeuppance.

What We Cover

Politics, technology, entertainment, social issues, business – no topic is safe from our witty takedowns.

Diverse Storytelling Formats

We deliver our signature satire through various formats including weekly articles, short stories, podcasts, sketches and more. Our talent is crafting laughs paired with layers of insight.

Our Promise to Readers

We promise content worth your time that leaves you both chuckling and reflecting. We pledge to redefine digital storytelling through uniquely witty yet compassionate observations.

Want More?

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