Tuesday, June 18

A financial revolution is brewing in African fintech hotspots like Nigeria, Keyan, Egypt and South Africa. Ghana is not left out. These innovators are turning banking upside down with jaw-dropping apps enabling instant, seamless transactions. Gone are the days of prima donna bank tellers and endless queues.

Step into the dazzling world of African fintech with Kowri, the brainchild of Ghanaian firm DreamOval Limited. This fintech marvel is set to skyrocket financial inclusion on the continent.

Behold Kowri Business, an integrated Fintech Platform that simplifies how banks and fintechs handle merchants, transactions, and remittances. With its Android and iOS mobile app, you can easily access fund transfers, airtime top-ups, data bundles, and utility bill payments.

But wait, there’s more! Kowri’s business feature turns you into a fintech wizard. With a payment link, USSD code, QR code, and a magical back office portal, you’ll collect payments from various mobile wallets, cards, and cash.

And don’t forget Kowri Protect, the superhero insurance solution. In a region with scarce insurance, Kowri swoops in to safeguard your store from disasters and burglaries.

Africa’s fintech revolution is rapidly advancing financial access while empowering the middle class and spreading innovative digital financial services – Companies like Kowri are at the forefront of this fintech spectacle. Visit DreamOval.

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