Sunday, July 14

Dear President Faye and PM Sonko,

As you take the helm of Senegal, I know you both understand the magnitude of the challenges ahead.

Firstly, your intentions to reduce France’s influence, especially by moving away from the CFA franc, are empowering and liberating. However, you must know that you have willingly entered the den of the most ferocious lions. A den where political elites and former colonial powers would stop at nothing to maintain their grip on power and resources.

Secondly, our Narcoqueens and Godfathers, aka African political elites, view your rise as a threat to their long-established dominance. Your courage and determination will be tested. Fret not. With our support and steadfast commitment, you can lead Senegal and Africa towards a brighter future.

Put France in a practical perspective.

France has birthed giants of history, from Charlemagne to Joan of Arc. Let’s pray it doesn’t set its sights on you. But whether you intended it or not, you have stirred a political conflict. It is NOT a clash of titans. In this battle between a rising star of Africa and a global superpower, you are what we term in West African pidgin a “pikin.”

French legacy of empire is unrivaled. It contained the revolution that tore down the old feudal structures and questioned the divine right of kings. It produced the military genius of Napoleon Bonaparte. To challenge France is to stare the devil in the eyes. A devil that has shaped the course of history through sheer will and indomitable spirit.

Listen, Faye, listen, Sonko! If you want to liberate Senegal and be an example for this great continent, then the French should not see you coming. Fight this battle like a ghost, tread cautiously.

France and the West are NOT inherently evil. It’s simply the nature of geopolitics. There must always be a region that is just unstable enough to be controlled. That region must serve as a source of diverse resources to sustain the hegemony of the most powerful nations. Whoever controls that region reaps enormous benefits while portraying themselves as saviour. In this case, that region is Africa. It’s a pattern we’ve seen repeated throughout history. Visionary leaders like Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, and, most recently, Muammar Gaddafi all fell victim to this global power play.

No, The West is NOT Greedy, They Are Trans-Generational.

While unverified online reports are claiming France purchases uranium from Niger at the staggeringly low price of €0.80 per kilogram compared to €200 per kilogram from Canada, these figures lack confirmation from credible sources. Nonetheless, let’s examine the purported savings if these claims were accurate.

Let’s assume every year, France bought a whopping 17,640 tons of uranium from Niger. That’s 17,640,000 kilograms!

💰 If France continued to buy uranium from Niger at this price for a whole decade, they would save a mind-boggling €35,138,880,000. That’s right, over €35 billion saved! To put that in perspective, one of France’s iconic brands, L’Oréal Paris, was valued at $36.5 billion in 2023 alone. So, while saving €35 billion over a decade might not seem like much to them, it’s still a pretty sweet deal.

But here’s the thing: France isn’t just an intelligent bully. They’re the ultimate puppet master, pulling the strings of 14 African Francophone nations. These countries, bound by language and history, dance to France’s tune, ensuring that Africa’s wealth flows into French pockets.

Faye, Sonko, you know, and I know that the chessboard of global power is complex and unforgiving. The pieces are nations, and the stakes are the well-being of millions.

Does it make sense why the Congo Basin has to be unstable? Do you now appreciate why a united Africa with a single currency is not something Western leaders should encourage? What will happen to France and her allies if she loses all her 14 Francophones in West Africa? Guys, be careful; the stakes are too high.

Never forget this. The West is not evil. It is strategic. It is not evil. It is playing for posterity. The West is not evil. It is realism.

The Narcoqueens and Godfathers of African Politics

Your most formidable foes are African political elites, the sinister elders who have long pulled the strings of power behind the scenes. They watch you with growing unease. Threatened by your call for accountability and your potential to inspire a new wave of leadership across the continent. 😠💼

These elites and their Western allies have grown rich on a system that has kept Africa divided and impoverished. They will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on power, using every trick to undermine, sabotage, and discredit you.

Prepare for the battle ahead; the old guard will not surrender without a fight. They will spread lies, sow discord, and attempt to buy off your allies. Your resolve will be tested, but you must remain steadfast in your commitment to breaking the cycle of corruption and oppression. 💪🌍

Tiger’s Roar

President Faye, the fate of Senegal and Africa rests upon your shoulders as you face this monumental challenge.

1. Build a diverse coalition: Engage civil society, unions, and religious leaders to create a broad support base, making it harder for opponents to undermine your efforts.

2. Empower youth through education: Invest in education and job training to create opportunities, build a skilled workforce, and counter the old guard’s influence.

3. Engage globally: Partner with progressive international leaders and organisations who share your vision. Seek cooperation while defending Senegal’s sovereignty and interests.

You can be different. Break the cycle of corruption and put the people’s needs first. Resist the temptations of power, make hard choices, and never lose sight of your people’s dreams. If you falter, all will be lost.

Guard the FAYE – SONKO Relationship

Remember, the Narcoqueens and Godfathers WILL seek to undermine your alliance. A sinister playbook will emerge. Propaganda and misinformation will grow. They will sow seeds of distrust.

With Machiavellian precision, they WILL manipulate the gears’ power. Most damagingly, they WILL exploit any lingering personal or ideological differences between you two. In this treacherous game, you must remain ever-vigilant.

You can be different.

Resist the temptations of power and reject the sirens of wealth. You must be willing to make hard choices. Stand firm in adversity and never lose sight of your people’s dreams and aspirations. If you falter or succumb, all will be lost.

But if you can hold fast to your principles, you will change the course of Senegal’s history. You will light a fire that will spread across Africa, igniting the hopes of a billion people.

So go forth, President Faye. Go forth, PM Sonko and embrace your destiny. Know that the prayers of Africa pursue you. And remember, the world is watching. Be the leader you were born to be, and together, let us build a new, robust Africa.


In Nigerian Pidgin, the word for child is “pickin” or ” pikin.”

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