Tuesday, June 18

Thank you, loyal Witty Observer readers, for making our 100-day journey possible! We are reminded of Ghana’s Homowo Festival among the Ga people – commemorating past hardships and modern abundance with joyful song, dance and community. Just as our ancestors found feast after the famine, we, too, share gratitude for your support in upholding our mission to DEMYSTIFY THE COMPLEX WITH A HINT OF SARCASM.

May we continue sprinkling comedic blessings, our thanks overflowing like Homowo’s special corn meal.

Delicious days lie ahead!

Walking Forward Together

We began this journey to deliver sharp yet thoughtful perspectives, knowing falling short would mean disappointing you – our trusted community.

So we walked forward motivated not by personal glory but a covenant with our readers – to quench your thirst for substance with insight-tethered satire.

Why the Slogan Matters

Thus was born our cherished slogan – CANDID! SATIRICAL! AFRICAN! Declaring candid commentary, with sides of laughter with an African pulse but not at the cost of journalistic ethics.

3 lessons from 100 Days

100 days later, we celebrate accomplishments that are measurable and immeasurable. From platform stability to widening conversation, milestones stir pride. But above all, this:

Nurturing our community – Our audience is our heartbeat. We keep cultivating meaningful relationships with readers through engaging content and open conversations.

Embrace versatility – We are NOT afraid to spread our editorial wings in topic selection and format experimentation.

Providing value beyond trends, so The Witty Observer outlasts tweets. Purpose over fortune.

Onward in Step 

More revealing milestones await. We hope you’ll stay to help craft messages fusing delight and discipline as we bring our thoughtful, satirical lens to the issues ahead!

Call to ACTION

As we embark on the next milestone, kindly offer your perspectives by taking our short 100-Day Reader Survey Attached

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